April 2017:

We are currently booking a tour through Canada and northern United States for summer 2017. Check out the details here.

January 21 2017:

We now have our new release Polyvision available in vinyl LP format (as well as cassette, CD, and digital download). All physical formats are available from our mail order. Digital version available from our bandcamp page.

We hit the road on February 6 for a short tour down to Miami and back to play the International Noise Conference. Check out tour dates here.

January 2017:

Happy new year! We have big plans for 2017! We have several upcoming shows and tours in the next few months, along with plans to tour Canada and northern U.S. this summer! Check out all the details here.

Check out our newest video for our song "From Insects. . . To Aliens (The Worms Turn)", which features footage from our fall 2016 tour, including our notorious desert shows:

November 2016:

Hello everyone!!!

We have returned from yet another wonderful, crazy, mind-expanding tour around the United States, this time promoting our new album, “Polyvision"! Over seven weeks, we found ourselves playing generator shows for sand dunes in Colorado, getting followed by curious bison in Kansas, building hot spring pools in Arkansas, and enjoying campfires everywhere from Agua Fria, Arizona, to Miami. . . and playing some fantastic shows too! We learned a lot about who we are and what we do as artists, musicians, and dreamers of a new reality. . .

To all those we met on the road, to all those who supported us in our release of “Polyvision”, and to everyone who gave us a room to sleep in, a shower to clean up in, a washing machine to do laundry in (you get the picture), we say THANK YOU! We were so glad to warm our hands by your fire, and we thank you for letting us bring our fire to you.

We are already hard at work on our next album and we'll be touring like crazy again in 2017! Stay tuned for details!

Much love and gratitude,

September 2016:

Our new album "Polyvision" is now available on CD and digital download (vinyl & cassette versions coming soon!). Mail order the CD from our store or get the digital download version at our bandcamp page.

Our Infinity Tour of 2016 kicks off on September 15! Check out the dates here.

August 2016:

"From Insects. . . To Aliens (The Worms Turn)" video excerpt #3, from the upcoming release "Polyvision":

June 2016:

"From Insects. . . To Aliens (The Worms Turn)" excerpt #2, from the upcoming release "Polyvision"

May 2016:

"From Insects. . . To Aliens (The Worms Turn)" excerpt, from the upcoming release "Polyvision"

We are finishing up work on our new release, and expect to have it out in fall.

You can now find Darsombra at Instagram and YouTube

 November 2015:

Welcome to the new news page!

Height Zone World Darsombra interview

3-Legged Monster Tour update:
Hello everyone! Well. . . we did it! We played over one hundred cities and towns in the United States and Canada this year (111 to be exact). From eating sapote in Miami to drinking kombucha in Asheville; from bathing in a park fountain in New Orleans to watching unexplained phenomena in Marfa, Texas; from meditating at a monastery in northern California to blazing our way across the salt flats of Utah; from cutting hair in a park in Queens, to cooking breakfast with the mountains in Yellowstone; from jamming in a cave in Rapid City to playing in a storage unit in Memphis. . . we have had an incredible, expansive, transformative journey absorbing so much of what the lower 48 (plus Montreal and Toronto!) has to offer. So what's next for Darsombra? Are we going to tour as extensively next year? We plan on finishing a new album, with new video work. . . and then who knows? We are open to opportunities. So if you want us, let us know! We will come to you. Much love and gratitude to all!